In its current state Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital was established in 1955 and named the Hassanali Karimjee Jivangee Hospital. After the 1964 Revolution, Karimjee Hospital was renamed V.I.Lenin Hospital and later renamed Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. In 2014, Mnazi Mmoja Hospital was awarded a VOTE and became a department among the departments of the Ministry of Health. In 2016, the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital Act was passed by the House of Representatives and signed in July, 2016 by Hon. The President of Zanzibar and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein, where the Act recognizes the Hospital as an agent of the Government and upgraded it to a referral hospital and empowered to establish departments and certain services in accordance with the Act. In the last five years Mnazi Mmoja Hospital was transformed to modern Hospital where Specialised services are provided including neurosurgery, Oncology Services, Dialysis, Emergency, and critical care servics etc. Mnazi Mmoja Hospital is recognised by East African Community as the centre for teaching graduates and postgraduates personnel. The Hospital is accredited by COSECSA as a place where general and neuro surgeons can be trained. The Hospital is also SADCAS-certified in providing laboratory tests. Management and staff dedicate to realize the hospital vision - “To be a center of excellence for offering comprehensive and affordable health care in East Africa”


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