The Directorate of Medicine and Medical Equipment is one of the eight Directorates within the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. It has a total of 14 sections including, outpatients, inpatients, Oncology wards, Peadiatric building, Theatre, Eye wards, Mnazi Mmoja Hospital Maternity wards, Mwembeladu Maternity wing, Mental Hospital, MAT, CTC, Chines and Fast track pharmacies


The purpose of this Directorate is to ensure timely access to medicines and medical supplies to patients who need them.


The objectives of this Director are to;

  • Organize a Hospital Therapeutic Committee quarterly.
  • Perform stock tacking of medicine / equipment every three months.
  • Promote rational use of medicine and blood products
  • Update Hospital Formulary every year.
  • Promoting and monitoring the effective use of medications and medical devices
  • Conduct pharmacovigilance surveillance
  • Conduct drug ad laboratory reagents quantification and prepare budget annually


A total of 85 staff are employed currently.


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